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Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures
SOPs for everything from 'how to make a bed' to 'how to generate sales l...
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Formats and Templates
Formats and Templates
Formats for restaurants, front office, F&B, banquets, housekeeping and i...
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Hotel and restaurant checklists such as pre-opening checklists, brand ch...
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Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions for positions in hotels and restaurants including JDs ...
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Featured Articles
Tips on Menu Presentation – Your Most Important Sales Tool
The presentation of the menu is reflective of the brand equity of the establishment. A good presentation will enhance the brand while a bad presentation will ruin it. A good menu is akin to a good resume, and as a proprietor you must spend adequate time and resources t...
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Brand Implementation Checklist
Creating a brand requires attention to details such as the overall branding, the brand message, identity kit including business cards, letterheads, logo, signage, banners, employee uniform and lots more. The brand checklist identifies all the areas that you m...
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Google SEO Guide – An Essential Tool for Online Marketing
How do you maximize your reach on the internet? Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is the definite “Bible” for optimizing your website to achieve maximum eyeballs. It is useful to webmasters who are new to the topic of search engine optim...
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General Tips for an Effective Business Plan
Your business plan is your most important marketing tool to sell your idea to the investor. Make sure it is brief, precise and to the point. Remember, most investors have a very short attention span, so design your presentation to catch their eye within the first two m...
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Sensitizing Your Staff to the Needs of Disabled Guests
Services industry must be sensitive to the guests with disabilities and the staff should be trained to deal with their special needs at all times. However, it is imperative that while offering assistance to guests with disability, one should not attempt to treat the gu...
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Defining Front Office Service Standards to Get the Best Out of Your Team
Front desk is the first point of guest interaction and a warm welcome followed by a smooth check-in can go a long way in making the guest feel at home away from home. Front office is the most important point of contact for external as well as internal customers. T...
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Bartender Manual – Qualities Required in a Bartender
Bartending is “harmony of control and presentation” and “a celebration of knowledge and finely-honoured skill”. It has procedure and form that must be learned in order to succeed.  DEFINITION OF A BARTENDER A bartender is a ski...
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How to Design a "Winning" Menu
When designing a menu, it is imperative that the menu showcases the primary positioning of your restaurant (e.g., what your restaurant stands for). To create a good impression, you need a well designed menu. A good menu is simple and conveys the message to the guests, ...
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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Menu Engineering
Menu Engineering, as defined by Michael L. Kasavana, Ph.D and Donald J. Smith at the Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business in 1982, is an interdisciplinary field of study devoted to the deliberate and strategic construction of menus. It is also ...
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